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A very famous wedding photographer tells a story of an image he took at a wedding. It was taken during bridal preparation as the bride was having a “moment”. When he got back to the studio he looked at the image and it was slightly out of focus. He almost deleted it, but he saw something in the image that stopped him. When he showed the image to the bride she broke into tears. Not because it was out of focus (she didn’t even notice) but because that image took her back to the moment, back to the thoughts she was having at that instant. The images you will treasure are those which capture emotions and moments. So how did the photographer manage to capture such an intimate moment? Clearly the photographer needs technical skills but in my experience, a great image mainly boils down to three elements; trust, rapport and people watching.

The Bride's parents share a moment during the wedding breakfast


Trust and Rapport

Building trust and rapport starts at the very first interaction. Photographers without strong people skills simply won’t get images like the one described above because the couple won’t “let them in”. I always meet the bride and groom before the big day and nearly always (95%+) do a couple shoot so that we have worked together. If they have kids I like to meet them too! This is a key stage in building trust and rapport. All good wedding photographers have excellent interaction with their clients. This is important with guests too! Hire a wedding photographer who you believe will be patient and build rapport with your family and guests.

People Watching

Knowing how people react to situations and where the action is going to be is a vital skill in capturing the emotional story of a day. At its simplest level this is knowing the moment during a conversation that you will capture a glowing smile or rapturous laugh. A good wedding photographer is constantly scanning, listening and watching as those moments develop. Of course, they must also be in the right place with a great angle and lighting to get the shot!


If you want images that enable you to relive the emotions of the day forever, select your photographer on their personality as much, if not more than, their technical skills. To be honest, most clients can’t tell a technically great image from an average one. But they can instantly recognise an image that truly captures a moment.

Clive Hawes,  Profound Image Photography

Winner, Photographer of the Year, English Wedding Awards 2017.

Published January 2018

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