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Every picture tells a story... or does it?

The art of wedding photography to me is capturing images which truly tell the story of your day, whatever that is.  I was once asked by a bride, "what do you normally take".  I avoided the question as what I "normally" take is whatever the couple do on their wedding day.

Some weddings are more traditional, with posed or semi-posed group shots and that's fine if its what the couple want's.  Some are just crazy, bonkers and mad and that's fine too!  I've seen brides in trees, grooms thrown in the air, silly poses that are often done at the request of the photographer and look posed.  What makes them ok? The fact the bride and groom want to do it.  It's their idea and it's capturing their personality and not the photographers personality.  I wouldn't dream of asking a couple do do something just because it looked great with the last wedding couple!   That was the last wedding, not this one.  Different people, different personalities and a different day to be captured.

So, how can a photo tell a story?  just look at the image above which I recently captured at a wedding.  What is going on here?  Who is talking?  what are they saying? You should be able to tell and notice that the main person creating that moment is not even in the image.  But those are true emotions, not staged.  You can't stage emotion!  

Then look at the image below.  This is a real moment captured.  What do you think is happening here?

That is what you pay a professional wedding photographer for.

Clive Hawes

Profound Image Photography, September 2017

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