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Why should you have an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer?

Ellie & Luke

I feel so strongly about the value of an engagement or wedding pre-shoot that I now give them away free.

I think it's crazy to meet your photographer for the first time on your wedding day. Most people I meet are not comfortable in front of the camera.  I use engagement shoots to get to know the couple, try out various styles and to run through "posing".  I also cover some time saving techniques for the big day. I put posing in inverted commas as my style is more natural than posed; I call it semi-posed. I show prospective customers how they can show off their figure. How to look their best and most importantly, things to avoid.  My style of photography is very natural with real emotions so once I have covered this I generally people act naturally with some expert guidance on hand if required.   I use a simple set of guides to get the couple in the right positions which saves a lot of time on the wedding day.

An engagement shoot is a more artificial setting that the wedding day itself. It's the couple and me. When I point the camera at the couple I am their only focus and they are very camera aware. I think that's great as on the Wedding day there will be so much more going on and my task is to capture it without interrupting the flow.

The relaxed and fun environment of an engagement (believe me it is!) shoot enables us to get to know each other, to discuss preferences for the day and to experiment with different looks and styles. I have seen people physically tense up at the start of a shoot and then be really relaxed at the end creating some amazing images.

Would you want to go through that on the big day itself? It's all about giving the couple the confidence to know how great they look in the right hands. If you know of any couples who are planning to get married in the Midlands, I would be delighted to provide them with a completely free, no obligation, engagement shoot. I do not pressure couples to go on to book me for their wedding (although most do; in fact 100% so far).

See my free engagement shoot T&Cs here

Clive Hawes

(published on linkedin April 2017)

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