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Bride and Groom with Rainbow - Profound Image Photography

Bride and Groom with Rainbow - Profound Image Photography

Bordesley Park Wedding Venue, Bride and Groom pose under a fantastic rainbow.

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

Prices for a good wedding photographer range from £1,000 to £5,000+ depending on what you are looking for.  Some part time amateurs charge much less but they are not really providing the same service as a full time photographer (see below).

Deciding how much to spend on a wedding photographer is a personal choice for each couple.  Prices vary considerably and the price alone isn't always an indication of what you will get.  This blog aims to help you make the right decision for your wedding and your budget.

I can get a full day wedding photographer with video for £300!  I have seen adverts myself which offer a full day opf photography and video for £300.  This makes no sense at all if the supplier is offering anything more than you could get a friend to do for free!  Equipment is expensive and typcially will cost the photographer upwards of £10,000.  Then there is insurance, advertising costs, training costs, software license fees and time.  As a very rogh guide, anyone charging less than £100 per hour of shooting most likely either doesn't have the right gear or isn't making a profit.  Many such adverts are form people who have a day job and cram in a wedding at weekends to make an extra few quid; but they dont have the time to do the job properly and edit the images after the wedding!

So why £100 per hour?  Well, the wedding day itself is the easy part.  An experienced, quality wedding photographer will spend approcimately 2.5 hours editing each 1 hour of shooting.  So a 10 hour shoot is around 35 hours work.  Add to this the time preparing, travelling and meeting the couple before the  big day and it is around 40 to 45 hours per 10 hour shoot.

So, that £100 per hour has now become closer to £25 per hour before expenses and equipment depreciation.  Alsom if this only income the photographer has, their bookings will fall off considerably in the winter.

This is why a quality wedding photographer will usually cost upwards of £1,000 for 10 hours coeverage. 

If they offer a more personalised service or have awards to their name and are in high demand, this could increase considerably and there are photographers who charge considerably more.  Don't just assume that higher cost equals higher quality!  Ask to see samples of previous weddings (not just their best shots from many weddings).  See my blog on choosing the right wedding photographer for more advice too!

If they are considerably less than this benchmark you should take a good close look at thier portfolio and check out why they are so cheap.  It is most likely that they don't edit their images individually and just apply a standard filter, or that they are using non-professional equipment to save costs  either of which has an impact of what you receive.



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