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Couple/Engagement Shoot

Some people are confused by the term "Engagement Shoot" so let's start by clarifying that this is not a shoot of the couple actually getting engaged (although that would be fun!!).  It is a photo shoot to get to know the engaged couple and so that they have some beautiful images of the themselves as a couple before the wedding.  It is also a great opportunity to meet your wedding photographer and start to build the rapport that is needed to achieve natural images on your wedding day.

I believe I am the only photographer who works with selected local suppliers and social media campaigns to offer completely free, no obligation, try before you buy engagement shoots via offer codes and vouchers.  There are many who offer them once you have booked a wedding, but I don't know of any who offer this with no commitment from the engaged couple.  This saves you £150!!

What is the catch?

Let's start with the catch because that is simple; there isn't one.  All I ask is that you are engaged, are prepared to have the shoot within a 20 mile radius of Northampton (further by arrangement), have not yet selected a photographer for your wedding and will let me use the images for marketing purposes.  That's it.

So why do I do it?

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is difficult.  I know as I helped my daughter choose one for her own wedding last year!  So how do you choose?  I decided to let people try before they buy.  That way they can meet me, see how I work and more importantly how fabulous I can make them look.  I also do it because I am quietly confident that having seen my work you will want me as your wedding photographer :-)

The shoot itself is fun and relaxed.  Within a few days you will receive around 40 beautiful digital images to keep whatever you decide.  There are no hidden costs whatsoever and no hard sell for the wedding.  I have put together some Free engagement shoot T&C's just so that it is clear there is no catch.

Where can i get a voucher/code for a free couple shoot?

A few selected suppliers have brochures which contain a voucher for a free photo shoot, I also occasionally offer them on social media.  If you would like further help, please email or phone and I can give advice on current partners and how to get a code.

What if I have already booked a wedding photographer?

If you have already booked a photographer, I would strongly advise that you have a pre-wedding engagement shoot with them before the big day so that you get to know them in advance.  

My usual price for a  couple shoot like this is £150 plus travel costs over 20 miles and anyone who does not qualify for the free offer is welcome to contact me to arrange a couple shoot.

How do I book an Engagement Shoot?

Call or text me on 07428 010416 or click HERE to book.  

So how much are your wedding packages?

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