January - Profound Image Photography

In 2017 I am taking on a challenge to take and publish 1 photograph every day.  You may think that's not much of a challenge for a photographer, but I will be taking photos specifically for this project.  Photographing things in different ways and mostly subjects I would not usually focus on (pardon the pun).  Why am I doing this?  I believe in photography you never stop learning and other professional photographers have learnt so much from this type of challenge.  Within each month's gallery I will show the images and why i chose to take them.

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I had no tripod for this photo so had to wedge the camera firmly against the railings on the footbridge. The light was amazing and the reflections in the icy river too. A 2 second time exposure also created some trailing lights from passing cars and buses on the bridge.

project 365stockholmdusktime exposure