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A guide to how I capture each part of your day.  (Click images to expand)

Each section of your wedding photography coverage captures an important element of your story filled with very different emotions.  The skill of a good wedding photographer is to read the situations as they develop and to be in the right place at the right time to truly capture your story.

I adapt my approach for each couple and wedding to make sure I capture memories "Uncle Bob" will miss. I never ask people to fake emotions;  my job is to capture them naturally as they happen and I believe that breathes life into my images.  Indeed, a comment I often hear is brides like my images as they are very natural whilst being "full of life" and capturing genuine emotions.

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1. Bridal Preparation (included in Luxury & Indulgent package)

The day usually starts with the wedding preparations; the dress hanging by a window as the bridal party enjoy nervous chit chat.  The excitement mounts as each of them has their hair and make up completed (and typically enjoying a glass or two of bubbly too!).  In no time the bride is dressed, excited, perhaps slightly nervous and waiting in anticipation.  This is a great time to capture emotions and also the details of the flowers, shoes and dress.

Whether its at your home, your mothers home or at a hotel, the bridal preparation is always a great time to capture memories.  Perhaps the bride sharing a joke or a drink with the bridesmaids, the bride deep in thought or the look on the fathers face when he sees her looking spectacular.  There are so many photo opportunities not to mention the dress and the shoes.  

2. Pre-Ceremony (included in Luxury & Indulgent packages)

Then there is the excitement at the venue as guests start to arrive many of whom have possibly not seen each other for some time! The groom arrives and stands nervously awaiting the arrival of the bride.  How many times did he check the best man had rings? (in one wedding i photographed he had forgotten them!) The kids are getting excited now too.  Small groups chatting, the best man chatting to the groom.  So much happening at once!

The arrival of the guests and the bride create fantastic photo opportunities.  This varies with the venue as there is usually more time at a church service and the bride usually arrives by car too. The ceremony this includes many moments the bride will see for the first time when she sees these images!   In the case of the image on the left (below) that is probably just as well!  Can you work out what is being said (and by the way, those are real emotions; not posed)?  

3. The ceremony

The ceremony usually starts with a few tears of joy (mainly from the groom as he sees his bride for the first time).  This is often  the most formal part of the day and also in many ways the most intimate as the couple exchange glances, knowing looks, smiles and often a tight squeeze of hands.  So many opportunities for photographs as they support each other while exchanging rings and vows and stepping formally into their lives together.  

Whether its in a church or a civil service, this is the most significant part of the day.  There is much anticipation in the air and its a great time to capture intimate looks and moments the bride and groom.  The key is to anticipate and capture the truly special moments.  Key elements are the entry of the bride, the exchanging of rings  (which as you can see below doesn't always go smoothly on hot days!), the first kiss, signing of the register and the exit.

4. Details

The couple (usually the bride) put in a lot of effort to make the day personal to them and its important to capture the details they have so painstakingly prepared for their guests.  This is also one of the many elements of the day that differentiates one wedding from another.

5. The Wedding Breakfast

And breathe....Immediately after the ceremony the couple can take a breath and mingle with their guests, catching up with family and friends.  A great time to capture joyful reunions and happiness.

I never take photos of people eating (unless its a young child getting really messy) as they are really not flattering!  However, between courses people start to relax and enjoy catching up with others.  Its a great time for candid images of guests and of the bridal party.  The cutting of the cake may also fall into this section or later on in the evening.

6. The Speeches

The wedding speeches are another great time to get images of the main party and the guests.  Guests are focused on the speaker and show a whole range of emotions in a naturally un-posed way. 

Once I have taken one or two shots of the person presenting, I turn my attention to the audience.  Sometimes you can even tell what is being said from just a still image!  This is what you pay a professional photographer for.  These are shots that "Uncle Bob" will miss for sure.

7. Group,couple and "formal" shots (increased scope in Indulgent and Luxury package)

There then may be some more formal group shots, bride and groom shots or whatever the couple choose before the official cake cutting and first dance.  The evening provides some great opportunities for candid portraits of people as they enjoy the celebrations.

These shots are an essential part of any wedding.  They don't however have to be contrived or boring.  I capture a mix of "traditional" and unconventional images depending on the couple.  I don't generally do "posed" images, I like to call them "semi-posed" as I always aim for natural expressions and generally give little in the way of direction (although i can if the situation calls for it).  I also spread them throughout the event so that they don't become a distraction from celebrations.  In fact, some of my favourite group images are arranged on the spur of the moment.

8. Informal shots & children! (increased scope in Indulgent & Luxury package)

I try to get a great shots of all wedding guests throughout the day.  The guests are a key part of the celebration and should not be forgotten!  Indeed in years to come the bride and groom will look back at their wedding photos to be reminded of who supported them on their big day.  And who can resist a picture of a cute child!  

9. The cake cutting & first Dance  (Indulgent & Luxury Packages, Essential package if timings permit)

The cutting of the cake and the first dance are two of the great traditions of many weddings and what a great opportunity for photographs!  The lighting can be tricky for Uncle Bob so this is a real opportunity for the photographer to create something different!

10. The Party! (Indulgent package  covers to midnight, Luxury Package to early evening)

Most photographers leave after the first dance.  In the all day package I stay for an hour or so to capture people on the dance floor and enjoying the evening.  Things generally start to liven up at this time and its a great opportunity for fun photos.  The Indulgent Package is your choice if you would like to capture fireworks and/or sparklers.

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