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Wedding photography Sample Slideshows

Ellie & Luke August 2017 - You have got the rings, haven't you?

I love a church wedding!  Ellie and Luke were married at St Monica's Church, Palmers Green in August 2017.  They opted for the full day coverage so the day started at 11am with bridal preparation images.  I moved on to the church at 12 noon ready to capture guests arriving and to grab some photos of the groom and best man  inside the church (and to have a chat with the priest as I find that always helps).

Sometimes, the image happen naturally but on this occasion I needed to give a gentle nudge to get a photo of the groom and best man together.  I asked the best man to stand and talk to the groom in the Aisle as it seemed a shame not to make the most of the beautiful stained glass windows as a backdrop.  I asked him just to chat about anything.  As I watched the expressions, I saw the grooms mouth drop open and a look of shock cover his face.  I thought, wow this best man is giving me some great photos! Then I realised there was an issue; they really had forgotten the rings!  An Usher ran to the rescue, jumped in a cab and was back with 5 minutes to spare!  You will see the groom looking shocked and relieved with the ring in this slideshow.  Those are true emotions and part of their story.

Ellie is a school teacher and a big part of their day was the school choir performing for them at their wedding so we took the opportunity for a posed photo with them sitting amongst the choir just after the ceremony.

Then is was on to the reception at the fabulous mansion in Theobalds Park.  It rained quite a lot that day but actually one of my favourite images is Ellie & Luke smiling in the rain; they had just got married after all!  We did also get a big group shot and found a covered entrance where the guests could stand in shelter while I got wet :-)

Some couples prefer more posed photos, some prefer not to have any.  I always discuss this first and adapt my approach to suit them.  What I don't do is contrived poses which do not tell the story of their day.               

Profound Image Photography Full Day Coverage - Ellie & Luke

Eleni & George June 2017 - there is no typical wedding and this one was more unusual than most.

This was a fantastic wedding on a hot June afternoon!  The wedding service took place in Rushden and the reception was at the stunning Barton Hall orangery.   In some ways it was a classical wedding whilst in other ways it was totally bonkers.   I would never usually take many of the shots and some are even normally my "pet hates" but Eleni was crazy and full of life!  She had so many bonkers ideas that I couldn't resist! 

Because the images are not over-thought, and Eleni's idea, they look natural; they brought a casual and relaxed look to what are often heavily contrived and unnatural poses. Even though I love the way these images capture their personalities I have never tried to recreate these images again; it just wouldn't work because other couples are not Eleni & George.

People have said that after watching this video they feel like they know the couple.  That is always my aim at any wedding and for that reason I adapt my approach to suit them and their personalities.  Every wedding has its own story to tell.

I always meet the couple at least once before the big day, often more.  The engagement shoot is a great way for me to try ideas and get to know preferences.   Every wedding is different and having the skill to understand this, interact with couple and their guests, anticipate special moments and even help a few happen is just as important as the ability to take a great photograph.  

Most of my weddings have a much larger proportion of candid and informal shots as this is what many couples prefer; I can do either.  One thing I don't do is forced and contrived posing which inst true to the couple and their story; my absolute pet hate is the photo with the bridesmaids line up one side and the groomsmen the other all standing in unnatural poses with arms in the same position; if this is what you want then unfortunately I am not the photographer for you.

My preferred approach is to get to know the couple and then work with them to make sure the important moments and groups are captured without taking control of the day and leaving them free to enjoy the day as it unfolds.  I have found that couples prefer this approach and they really get to enjoy the day more.  Your guests will get to know me during the day as I am very sociable.  I find this really helps with capturing natural images and I actively encourage them to have informal group shots as required throughout the day My Ultimate wedding package also includes a luxury album and an innovative and unique photo bombing photobooth so that your guests can take away some fun memories of the day.

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Profound Image Photography Example part day wedding coverage - Eleni & George

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